LiFe Group

Life is not lived in isolation. Daily, we interact with co-workers, neighbors, friends, family, or fellow-students. Those interactions can be encouraging or they can be draining. Often there are times in life we would like to have a friend to lean on who is not judgmental, who will support us in our struggles, who will share meaningful wisdom and insights, and who will just help us be our best. There are other times when we get to experience the satisfaction of helping others, and participating in their successes.

Each week we meet together for this kind of intentional, shared-life experience. We call this gathering LIFE group. Together, we seek the Scriptures for guidance and inspiration, pray for each other, or engage with each other in some other positive way. LIFE groups are not church services; rather, they are interactive bible studies in which we share life with one another in the spirit of community. 

  If you would like more information about our Friday Night Life Group, 

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Meeting in person:

Tues 6pm Small Group (see upcoming events for address and details)

Weds 6pm Mid-week Bible Study at the church

Weds 6pm Youth Group meeting at the church

Fri 6pm Life Group (see upcoming events for address and details)

Sun 9am Adult Class

Sun 10am Worship Service and Children's Classes


4588 N. Rancho Dr Suite #11

Las Vegas, NV 89130

Phone 725-315-1115 -or- CLICK TO CALL

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