What To Expect


When you arrive on the campus you will be greeted by some kind people who will help direct you to wherever you need to go: children's classes, nurseries, restroom facilities or worship center.


At the door you will be met by ushers who can help you find a comfortable place to sit. They will also give you a bulletin for the morning worship service. 


Please fill out the Connection Card and drop it in the offering plate at the end of the service. There is a place on the card for any comments, questions or prayer requests you might have. We would be very interested in knowing how we could connect with and serve you.


HIT is a program designed to assist parents help their children know and follow Jesus. Children K-5 worship with congregation and then are dismissed to HIT just before the message where they will receive a relevant, age-oriented Bible message. HIT is completely optional, so parents who prefer to keep their children with them during the service are encouraged to do so. We only ask parents be considerate of other worshipers while training their children by sitting near the back of the auditorium should it be necessary to slip out of the service. 


We believe the timeless truths of the Bible provide real answers to our daily life in the 21st century. You can expect to hear a clear and helpful presentation of biblical truth that will bless, challenge and encourage your spirit. 


At Northpointe there are many opportunities to connect with others on a similar life journey as well as serve God with your gifts and talents. Joining a Life Group is one of the most effective ways to connect.


At the end of the service we will receive an offering as a part of our worship to the LORD. Please do not feel obligated to participate; we want the service to be a blessing to you. If you should choose to participate, there are remittance envelopes available at the Welcome Table at the front door for your convenience. Ushers can also assist you.